Entire Crowd Stood When Trump Entered the Room — But What It Did Next Tells the Real Story

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump spoke to a packed house in St. Charles, Missouri, to give a speech about tax reform.

The crowd gathered hours before the event actually began, facing protesters, long lines, and tight security:

By the time President Trump arrived at the venue, the room was packed, and hundreds had to be turned away:

Then, the room got quiet, and a voice announced the entrance of the president of the United States. Everyone in the crowd rose to their feet as he entered:

President Trump stepped onto a stage decorated with Christmas trees and signs that read “Merry Christmas,” and he kicked off his speech by reminding everyone that, this year, we would all be saying “Merry Christmas.”

But then, the crowd did — or, rather, didn’t — do something rather unexpected. It didn’t sit.

For nearly 40 minutes, as President Trump cracked jokes and ribbed the “fake news” in the press area, everyone stood:

As he took jabs at Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO), every chair remained empty:

Trump’s entire speech was punctuated with bursts of applause, giving the overall effect of one long standing ovation.


Source : IJR.com

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