Liberal Snowflakes Start A “Flag Burning Party”, But Gets Interrupted By Proud Patriots

I have two videos to share with everyone today, one that will make you think, and one that will give you goosebumps.

The first video is from a man named Doug Giles, who has a daily video post talking about conservative issues and values. Doug brings up a great point in this video about the NFL protests, and how they approach the idea of freedom of expression.

The NFL has been protecting it’s players in their anthem protest and it’s a bit hypocritical given the types of freedom of expression they have blocked over the years. in an attempt to not ostracize viewers, which is exactly what the anthem protest does.

Some of the examples Doug gives are when the NFL has blocked other forms of expression, such as when players wanted to detail a 9/11 memorial on their cleats, and the NFL said no, or when the Dallas Cowboys decided they wanted to honor five police officers killed in the area with a small decal on the helmets of the players, nope, you can’t do that. What about what Robert Griffen III was wearing a Jesus shirt before his press conference and was told he had to turn the shirt inside out before taking the podium? What happened to freedom of expression in these cases?

The expression that the NFL does sanction however is the right to disrespect our nations flag, that expression is acceptable.

This next video will fill you with some wholesome American pride. The video depicts anarchists burning American flags in a park, then fleeing the scene as a patriotic biker gang showed up to put out the fires, pick up the flags, and confront the so-called-Americans who were doing it. It is sad to see that the disrespect for the American flag has extended past the NFL field and into regular American’s lives.

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