The Man Who Beat The Life Out Of 2 Day-Old Baby Gets A Harsh Dose Of Prison Justice

Earlier this year a British man was sentenced to life in prison after beating his 2-day old daughter to death. The same man was found dead in his cell last month. The cause of death? Murder.

The baby-killer, Liam Deane, 22, was murdered by fellow prisoner John Westland. Yorkshire Evening Postreported that Westland was then charged with the murder and appeared in court for his initial hearing.

We are still in the dark as to how and why Deane was killed, but I think it’s fairly safe to say that Westland was aware of Deane’s charges. We do know for sure that Deane was sentenced to life in prison back in October after being found guilty of the murder of his own infant daughter, Luna.

The U.K. Sun reported, “Baby Luna was only two days old when she was left in the arms of her father while her mum went to get some sleep. Deane lost his temper during the night.”

What happened that night was truly horrific. Deane punched his 2-day-old daughter in the face. he proceeded to squeeze her body and shake her violently. In fact, Deane shook his daughter so hard that he caused injuries to her brain, body, as well as her face.

Luna’s mother awoke to the horrible realization that her baby was dying. Deane claimed that Luna had fallen and bumped her head. He stated that the baby was having trouble breathing which prompted Luna’s mother to phone for an ambulance. By then, it was too late. Luna was too far gone.

The U.K. Sun wrote, “Paramedics arrived and noticed her face was badly swollen and bruised. Luna was taken to Leeds General Infirmary where she died in intensive care on July 14, three days after the attack.”

A doctor who was caring for Luna confirmed that Luna died after suffering severe head trauma which had left her with “catastrophic brain injuries.”

Luna’s mother was heartbroken after losing her baby. Her statement to the court was heart wrenching. She explained, “Seeing Luna on life support in the hospital will last with me forever. I can’t describe how that felt. I would not wish it upon my worst enemy.”

Deane’s own attorney, Richard Wright, was not able to hide his disgust towards his own client in court.

Wright was quoted saying, “In my submission there is simply no explanation for the defendant’s behavior. His actions were wholly and utterly out of character for him. The defendant will have a very long time to reflect upon his terrible behavior.”

Wright’s statement wasn’t entirely true, however. Deane’s time in prison was cut short when his cellmate decided that he did not have the right to live. The minimum amount of time Deane would have served in prison would have been 10 years. After the 10 years, he would have been eligible for parole.

Detective Superintendent Jim Dunkerley spoke at the time of Deane’s sentencing and reflected on the horrific acts that were inflicted on poor baby Luna.

He stated, “This was an extremely tragic case where a newborn baby girl has lost her life before its even had chance to begin. Luna suffered an assault at the hands of one of the people who was responsible for her care and wellbeing. Her family has been torn apart by her death.”

Deane got what was coming to him. Keep the family of baby Luna in your thoughts and prayers.

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