NFL Donates $100 Million to Leftist Social Justice Causes

If you run a major business in the midst of major customer losses and months of bad press because political stunts by your members have been alienating your target audience, what’s your next move? If you’re the National Football League, apparently your next move is to spend even more money on what got you in this mess in the first place.

ESPN reports that the NFL has proposed donating a whopping $100 million to “causes considered important to African-American communities.”

Now the ball is in the players’ court to see whether they’ll accept the proposal, after which it would need a final vote from owners in March to take effect. Here are the details of the plan:

The NFL’s multifaceted offer earmarks at least $89 million over a seven-year period for both national and local projects, according to the documents. On the national level, owners this year would allocate $5 million, with their commitment growing annually and maxing out at $12 million per year from 2021 through 2023. At the local level, owners would put up $250,000 annually and expect players to match that amount, totaling $500,000 for each team. Players and owners can exceed that amount if they choose, with no matching requirement.

In addition, there would be other fundraising opportunities, including telethons and auctions of jerseys worn in games […]

National funding would be allocated accordingly: 25 percent to the United Negro College Fund, 25 percent to Dream Corps and 50 percent to the Players Coalition, which has filed 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) paperwork for nonprofit status as a fiscally sponsored project. This week, the coalition hired the Hopewell Fund to oversee and advise the group, which hopes to work with grassroots and nonprofit organizations in its areas of focus.

Under the proposal, money at both the national and local level would provide grants for nonprofit organizations focused on law enforcement and community relations, criminal justice reform and education reform.

A working group of five players, five owners (or owners’ representatives) and two NFL staff members would help identify future initiatives to pursue.

At first glance the UNCF sounds like it may be a worthy, nonpartisan cause (in fact, it’s interesting to note that in 2014, the lefty union AFSCME threw a hissy fit because the UNCF accepted money from those eeeevil Koch brothers). Dream Corps, on the other hand, is into freeing criminals from prison and left-wing environmentalism. And given the current round of NFL politicization began with slandering cops as racist murderers, we shouldn’t expect the Players Coalition’s ideas of “criminal justice reform and education reform” to be worthwhile.

This may be the most revealing line of the report:

Commissioner Roger Goodell, who for months shepherded the process while overcoming numerous obstacles, is believed to have the support of ownership, which is eager to end the most divisive issue facing the league.

This is what they think will end the division? Doubling down on what divided fans in the first place? A sane NFL would have gotten the message that fans don’t want politics muddying up the waters, especially when the players who dragged this crap onto the field are more than rich enough to donate to these causes themselves, on their own time.

So this makes no sense as a solution to the NFL’s crisis … unless the fans aren’t the people they’re trying to satisfy. If the division among players is what they’re trying to heal, then it makes perfect sense.

At this point the NFL has made abundantly clear that its only priorities is keeping its ignorant, spoiled-brat athletes satisfied, not the audiences who’ve made their empire possible. The NFL doesn’t want you, American people. Which leaves just one question: do you want them?
Source : New York Daily News

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