San Juan Mayor Slams Trump Over Hurricane Relief — The President Promptly Strikes Back

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló has repeatedly praised President Donald Trump for his response to the devastation wreaked on the island by Hurricane Maria.

Then, there’s San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz.

Cruz has criticized Trump and the U.S. response on numerous occasions. Saturday morning, Trump struck back at Cruz with a quintessential Trump tweetstorm.

Cruz slammed Team Trump on Friday, per The Washington Post:

“People are dying in this country. I am begging, begging anyone that can hear us, to save us from dying. If anybody out there is listening to us, we are dying and you are killing us with the inefficiency and the bureaucracy.”

Even the most casual of Trump observers know he doesn’t take kindly to criticism. Saturday morning, he fired up Twitter — and let Cruz know just exactly what he thought of her comments:

Perhaps those last two tweets didn’t help the president’s cause with his detractors and the Puerto Rican people, which is often the case when he erupts on Twitter.

Speaking of which, what Trump tweetstorm would be worth its weight in condemnation without an attack on the “fake news” media?

The president then praised the U.S.’s efforts in Puerto Rico:

Trump slammed Puerto Rican officials Friday, calling them “totally and unfortunately unable to handle this catastrophic crisis on their own.”

“The government of Puerto Rico will have to work with us,” he said, “to determine how this massive rebuilding effort … will be funded.”

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