You Won’t Believe Who Was Just Arrested For Child Rape, Attempted Murder — Californians Are Stunned Speechless!

It appears that the spread of inappropriate behavior may be a more rampant problem among the Left than previously thought. It is a well-known fact that Silicon Valley and the techies are very Left-leaning and their journals and opinions are dominated by anti-Right, anti-Trump rants, and tirades.

When people think of the California-based technology community, much of which receives generous subsidies and tax breaks by a US government rife with corrupt and unfair corporate practices and cronyism. Many of the heavy-hitters in the Golden State associated with the technology industry are renowned for their detestation of all things Republican, be they Gates, Bezos, or Zuckerberg.

A company with over 200 employees in Silicon Valley named Vungle has received some very bad news this week. According to the police, their CEO Zain Jaffer, has been arrested and charged with a host of shameful and embarrassing charges, including the sexual abuse of his 3-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter!

Daily Wire:

San Mateo County law enforcement officials arrested the CEO of a mobile advertising startup in San Francisco for allegedly sexually assaulting a child and for attempted murder. Officials later dropped the charge for attempted murder due to a lack of evidence.

Authorities initially booked 29-year-old Zain Jaffer, the CEO of Vungle, for felony charges of “attempted murder, a lewd act on a child, oral copulation of a person under 14, child abuse, assault with a deadly weapon and a misdemeanor charge for battery upon an officer and emergency personnel,” Axios reported.

Jaffer is alleged to have sexually abused his three-year-old son and one-year-old daughter, Forbes noted.

San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said that police arrested Jaffer at his home in Hillsborough in the early morning hours on October 15 after Jaffer’s father called the police. When police arrived, they allegedly found Jaffer engaged in “illegal contact” with his son and daughter.

Jaffer is in custody at the Maple Street Correctional Center in Redwood City, California where he awaits his next court date on November 1.

The company removed Jaffer as one of their CEOs immediately, when they learned of the charges, stating that they were shocked by the allegations. With all the Left in a tizzy right now regarding the Harvey Weinstein allegations (with more undoubtedly on the way) and other Hollywood types hinting at exposing even more names, the year is not looking good for Democrats.

As this year has wound down, the people who have fought against the Right vociferously have been proven more and more to be a product of their own delusional fantasies and an unwitting accomplice to their own debauchery and vices.

Source: Daily Wire

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